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All About Bedsores and How to Prevent It

All About Bedsores and How to Prevent It

Seniors and home patients are prone to getting bedsores due to prolonged sitting or lying down. At Peace Health Care Agency makes sure to prevent the painful skin or tissue injury from our home patients. With that, here are ways how healthcare professionals at our home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, prevent bedsores every day.

As bedsores occur on the bony parts of the body like the shoulders, elbows, tailbone, back of the head, and more others, shifting the pressure on these body parts from sitting or lying down the entire time by moving the patient’s position will help prevent bedsores. Also known as pressure ulcers, our homecare in Pennsylvania also prevent them by putting extra and clean cushions to prone areas. Special mattresses are also available to relieve the pressure from sitting or lying down.

Aside from the fact that bedsores can be very painful, they can lead to serious complications such as cellulitis and bone and joint infections. As bedsores are prone to people who are seated or lain down on the bed from conditions that affect their mobility, these people will need help from health care services in Pennsylvania to prevent bedsores.

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