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Effective Ways in Treating Allergies 

Effective Ways in Treating Allergies

According to a study published in the US National Library of Medicine “Allergy and Aging: An Old/Emerging Health”, allergic reactions are the most common diseases. It will start showing to people ages 15 and over. Home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania sees a spike in older adults aged 65 and over.

The recommended practices to treat such allergies in older adults start with diagnosis as reported by Mayo Clinic. Health care services in Pennsylvania know the importance of learning what’s triggering the allergies. Each allergy is unique on its own. Here are the ways doctors will help during diagnosis:

  • Ask questions about signs and symptoms
  • Perform a physical exam
  • Inquire about a detailed diary of symptoms and possible triggers

When the diagnosis will prove it comes from a food allergy, the doctor will likely advise you to avoid it. You have to consider stop eating it for an evaluation. Aside from this step, there are other ways to consider. Here are they:

  • Medications
    Over-the-counter medicines to take for removing the allergic reaction and ease your symptoms. The doctor will suggest medications like pills, liquid, nasal spray, or eyedrops.
  • Immunotherapy
    Severe allergies needed a higher form of treatment may need to be relieved by allergen immunotherapy. You should know it will include a series of injections of extracts from purified allergens.
  • Emergency epinephrine
    On other severe occasions, allergic reactions need immediate emergency epinephrine. This will ease the pain when you are still away from emergency treatment.

At Peace Health Care Agencyhomecare in Pennsylvania will help the elderly in the process of managing allergic reactions. Never hesitate to contact them today.

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