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How Exercise Benefits Older Adults

How Exercise Benefits Older Adults

Having good health is crucial and must be prioritized by everyone. Otherwise, one will get easily sick and will not have the energy to put up with daily activities. The services of a home health care in Philadelphia, like the At Peace Health Care Agency, can help in older adults’ wellness.

They will have a team of professionals to monitor the progress of your elderly loved one when it comes to fitness. They will encourage and assist them in performing muscle strengthening exercises, in which your grandparents or elderly parents can get the following benefits:

  • Increases cardiovascular strength
    With regular exercise, the elderly individual’s cardiovascular strength is improved. Some of the activities they can try are jogging, playing tennis, dancing, climbing up and down the stairs, and recreational swimming.
  • Reduces risk of dementia
    Studies prove that regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing dementia by up to 30% and Alzheimer’s for up to 45%. Seeking reliable health care services in Pennsylvania can help ensure their mental stability, as well.
  • Improves bone health
    Being physically active helps them avoid osteoporosis and other bone conditions. Daily jogging, walking, or biking can help improve their bone, joint, and muscle health.
  • Boosts mood
    Did you know that endorphins are released through exercises? It is a hormone from the brain that stimulates the happy feeling.
  • Improves body balance
    Adhering to routine exercises will also improve their gait and balance. That way, your elderly loved one can avoid falling, slipping, wounding, and injuring.

Homecare in Pennsylvania is your best possible option if you want what’s best for your elderly family members. We have a team of experts to assist in fitness. Contact us today.

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