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Respite Care Options and Their Benefits


Respite care is generally known as the short break for which is a great option for them to acquire temporary relief to reduce their stress, support family stability, and most especially, prevent abuse and neglect. So what are the respite care options that one can choose from?

  • First is the respite care provided in in-home care. This is provided usually in the care recipient’s home by a home care agency. As a provider of homecare in Pennsylvania, this option is great because the environment is the same for the elderly hence, they will be in their comfort.
  • Second option is the facility. In this case, the elderly will have a short-term stay in an assisted living or a nursing home. The good thing about this is there are activities, and the seniors will get to socialize with the other recipients.
  • Lastly is the adult daycare option, this is a day program provided by care agencies. This is an affordable option and at the same time, seniors will get to enjoy a lot of activities, and they will also receive proper meals and care.

As a provider of health care services in Pennsylvania, we make sure that each of our clients will receive personalized care services from our experts, and at the same time giving importance to their caregivers through our respite care program.

At Peace Health Care Agency is dedicated to providing quality and dependable care to everyone throughout the week.

Avail of our free in-home assessment now or if you know someone who needs home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, refer them to us or set an appointment with us so that we can guide you of the services that will suit you best.

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