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Risks of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) As You Age


Here’s an interesting fact about UTIs: it’s the second most common bodily infection, accounting for about 8 million visits to the doctor annually.

Being as common as it is, many of us probably aren’t strangers to the intense and frequent visits to the restroom and the burning sensation that may accompany it. It’s definitely an experience numerous people, mostly women, share.

But did you know that as you age, the changes in physiology, lifestyle, and existing medical concerns can also affect how our bodies react to infections like UTI? Some senior patients of homecare in Pennsylvania would be more prone to developing fevers and bladder obstructions as well. Some dementia patients have even reported experiencing confusion while suffering from a UTI.

Other factors that are associated with the incidence of UTIs include insufficient hydration, the use of catheters, sexual activity, diabetes, and bladder or bowel incontinence.

This is why speaking about UTI prevention and control is vital in a conversation with your provider of health care services in Pennsylvania. While UTIs are highly treatable with antibiotics, not catching it early enough can lead to more fatal conditions such as sepsis.

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