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Scammers Begone! Taking Steps to Protect Seniors from Scams


There are some facts in life that are hard to accept, but maybe none are so difficult to fathom as Elder Fraud.

Science and Technology have helped us make great leaps in many fields, including long-term senior care. Quality providers of home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania should, however, warn patients about how it has also given fraudulent activity more breeding ground to fester.

Simply sharing a word of caution with our elders about unsolicited e-mails and calls from way-too-friendly salespeople may not be enough. Especially in cases of senior family members with dementia or other psychological concerns.

Elders are often chosen as targets because they are perceived to be more polite or trusting. These nefarious acts can be done by someone under the guise of tech support, long-lost family, repair scammers, government impersonators, and shady romantic partners, among others.

When considering different health care services in Pennsylvania, always work with providers who can help you shield your family members from these criminals. Should they happen, care providers should also assist with reporting the swindlers.

Searching for options for home care in Pennsylvania? At Peace Health Care Agency provides only the best proactive and personalized services. If you’d like to speak about our services more in-depth, feel free to contact us at 484-468-1492

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