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Senior Care Insights: Evening Routines for Better Sleep

Senior Care Insights: Evening Routines for Better Sleep

Adequate and restful sleep is one of the keys to ensuring seniors will enjoy a quality life. But have you noticed your elderly loved ones waking up in the middle of the night frequently? Are they looking stressed during the day? If yes, perhaps all they need is a home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that focuses on improving their quality of sleep. And to help your loved ones get the quality sleep they need, the following insights might help.

  • Follow a schedule and bedtime ritual.
    Set a specific time to sleep. Along with this, schedule your meals and snacks a couple of hours before bedtime. It’s also good to spend time for meditation, which gives seniors a time to reflect and relax their mind. Include companion care in their health care services in Pennsylvania to avail of assistance services on their daily personal hygiene routines.
  • Make your bed conducive for good sleep.
    Clean your beloved seniors’ bedroom regularly. Organize things. And make sure the color scheme is conducive to sleep. You can even set up aromatherapy equipment inside their room so that they can use essential oils and scents.
  • Enjoy a healthy pre-bed diet.
    Serve your seniors with healthy light dinner. Warm milk and turkey or chicken are best for dinner, considering their sleep-inducing tryptophan content. Avoid serving them carbonated and sugary drinks. If you’re not that fond of or good at cooking, avail of homecare in Pennsylvania that also includes food preparation services.

Restful sleep is the key to waking up in the morning feeling fresh and happy. Be sure your elderly loved ones enjoy a good sleep always. Aside from your personal service, the senior home care options of At Peace Health Care Agency are also worth considering.

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