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Senior’s Diet Insights: What Are the Foods They Should Avoid?

Senior’s Diet Insights: What Are the Foods They Should Avoid?

Seniors can be very picky. Add to that the fact that they’re taking medications for their existing health concerns. This makes preparing their foods a bit tricky. Good thing if you’ve hired a professional in home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that also handles the food preparation. Even if you have, you still have to take note of the following foods your beloved seniors should avoid eating.

  • High-sodium foods
    Too much salt can cause or aggravate hypertension. If food tastes bland without salt, spices and herbs are great alternatives. It’s also wise to consult the pros in food preparation and health care services in Pennsylvania to know the best foods for seniors.
  • Caffeinated, alcoholic, carbonated, and sugary drinks
    Excessive intake of sugar is associated with obesity and diabetes. Alcoholic beverages can also cause allergic reactions. Too much caffeine can lead to calcium loss and insomnia. If your elderly beloved depends on caffeine for energy, help them make a switch to taking tea instead.
  • Undercooked or raw poultry products and meat
    Undercooked foods can lead to infection and sepsis. Besides, their digestive system is no longer robust enough to digest these foods. It’s best to go for home-cooked meals, especially for meat dishes. But if you don’t have time to cook, you could use a little help from providers of homecare in Pennsylvania.

Medication and supplementation aside, nutrition and diet are two crucial aspects of the health of seniors. What they eat can either help or aggravate their condition. So, be careful. Doing the meal prep on your own is good. But if time constraints get in the way, hiring a home health aide from At Peace Health Care Agency could be a great help.

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