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When Does a Person Require Home Care Services?


Independence is something that adults greatly value. When we were younger, being able to live on our own was once our biggest goal. While being independent matters, this may not be ideal for everyone. This holds especially true for seniors and patients who need health care services in Pennsylvania and other areas.

Fortunately, homebound seniors and patients no longer need to leave their homes just to receive their needed caregiving services. Through home care in Pennsylvania, they can have stress-free recovery right in the comfort of their abodes. Therefore, it is not only beneficial for them but also their loved ones.

Despite their obvious need for home care services, some people are still reluctant about it. One of the reasons behind it is they don’t want to have limited privacy and independence. While this would most likely be the scenario, it is more important to prioritize their health and safety.

Beware of these tell-tale signs depicting that a person needs home care services:

  • Impaired mobility
    The struggle with physical functions is an implication that a person needs a caregiver.
  • Lack of self-care
    Poor hygiene could tell a lot about the well-being of a person.
  • Difficulties with household and medication management
    The inability to perform activities of daily living signifies that a person needs help.
  • Severe mood swings
    Extreme mood swings and other mental health problems may lead to health deterioration.
  • Weight changes
    Whether weight gain or weight loss, sudden weight changes can be a symptom of health problems.

Have you noticed these signs in your loved ones?

Don’t hesitate to refer them to us!

At Peace Health Care Agency offers top-notch home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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