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Your Guide for Having a Safe Home for Seniors 

Your Guide for Having a Safe Home for Seniors 

Do you think that your home is a safe place for seniors? Well, to be sure, you have to assess it first. You can do so by contacting At Peace Health Care Agency, a home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The experts will give recommendations for changes and even help in applying it to your home.

You must know that you have to check with the elderly family member before anything else. The changes you need to do should be based on their health condition. That way, our health care services in Pennsylvania can supplement their care with the right service.

What does the right care service do to create a home safe for seniors? Here are the ways:

  • Keep important numbers.
    You can take a list of emergency numbers. Paste it in the best part of the house that everybody can see – the door. You can use the mobile phone for easier access if you cannot make it through the door.
  • Make sure to customize the kitchen.
    Fire hazards and items that can fall to a senior are found in the kitchen. You must make sure that it is not hazardous to your senior loved ones. Remove unnecessary clutter.
  • Install bright lights.
    Bright lights should not be blinding. You should take advantage of lighting fixtures that provide sufficient light to see the surroundings.
  • Create a safe bathroom.
    Avoid slips and falls by providing rugs that hold the human body’s weight. You can install handrails to guide the seniors. 
  • Remove fall hazards.
    Create a spacious space in your home. Remove the furniture that may be dangerous. 

Care professionals from homecare in Pennsylvania can help you in achieving these steps. Contact us today to get more information. 

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