Meet Our Team:

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Tahmir Cook

Tahmir Cook

Joy Duncan

Human Resources Team Leader

Elly Sghyar

Human Resources Biller

Jasmine Robinson

Human Resources Recruiter

Sales Liaison

Affordable Assistance

The care you’re looking for is immediately available, and the good news is that it’s affordable too. We accept:
Most major insurance providers

We also have the option of private payment plans, which we tailor to your specific needs and budget.

Old age can be challenging, lonely and frustrating at times.

We’re here to change that. We believe every individual should be able to age with dignity and comfort.
The values that drive us:


We’re with you. Our staff are trained to match the pace of those they are working with, giving them the support they need for each task.


We appreciate diversity. Regardless of ethnicity, religion or range of ability, your loved one will be treated with empathy, patience and compassion.


We have you covered. Even if your caregiver takes a short leave, we guarantee consistent care that's uncompromised.


We’ll make a match. Your loved one will be cared for by an aide who respects their culture and understands their language.


We handle the paperwork.
Your loved one gets the care needed promptly, with no stress involved.